• Mulch / Bark

    When considering your landscape design you may want to include mulch or bark, an option that offers many benefits to your lawn and garden. Mulch or bark protects the soil it covers, retains moisture, reduces soil erosion, suppresses (but does not inhibit) weed growth, and provides nearby plants with essential nutrients as it decays. Mulch or bark can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any landscaping project.

    Colors are a personal preference. Cedar smells the best and deters most insects, while hardwood breaks down into a nutraited topsoil and is great for new plantings, as it's made from the barks of trees. Playground mulch also breaks down and the nutrients are great for fruit bushes. Also, it is state tested to be safe for children and is made from pine and bass wood materials.

    Red, black and walnut brown are dyed mulches made from multiple hardwood and bark materials. With dyed mulches, the color will fade in the rain; however, all mulches will fade, but if you maintain a thick bed, you can take a leaf rake or your fingers to "fluff" it and the colors will come back to life.

  • Landscape Stone

    Landscape stone has many uses as well as benefits. It is one of the most economical coverage options per square foot, naturally aesthetically pleasing, durable, and once installed virtually maintenance free! From 3/8" to 4' the uses are abundant. Landscaping is only one of many uses such as drainage projects, erosion prevention, and retaining walls.

  • Driveway Material

    Chipped stone is most commonly used for driveway applications. Our standard chipped is a michigan field stone crushed rock washed and screened to size. Our limestone is trucked from south of us near the ohio border to get the "harder" rock that creates less breakdown. The slag is becoming more popular and is also an angular material screened to size that is a bi-product of steel. We also have a couple gravel blends with fine material mixed in with stone to serve as a solid base that packs great for projects such as driveways or patios. All of the angular stone work great for driveway applications but can also be aesthetically pleasing in an area for landscape that doesn't have foot traffic. The chipped michigan stone actually provides a slightly more vibrant color due to the broken inside surfaces being exposed!

  • Sand

    Although it sounds pretty simple you would be surprised at how many variations of sand we stock! Our plain and simple screened fill sand is commonly used for under concrete or for fill when you need a material to pack in well and is very cost effective. Concrete sand is a washed sand that we stock for a base under paver projects or in situations in need of a sand that will provide drainage. Paver base is very similar to the concrete sand but is a crushed aggregate and is our contractors preference for under pavers if the budget allows for it. Slag sand is becoming more popular for a wide variety of projects and has a slightly tighter packing result that almost resembles concrete. Our mortar sand is a very fine, washed sand designed for brick projects. Last but not least is the beach/playbox sand that is our finest and double washed sand to provide a soft and clean material to play in!

  • Topsoil

    Our topsoils are produced to meet many different types of projects.  Depending on your project depends on which topsoil is right for you.

  • Dairy Doo

    Sunshine products is proud to be an authorized retailer of Dairy Doo, a provider of sustainable, organic compost and potting soils for homeowners.

    Which Dairy Doo to use

  • Smokin' Tomatoes


    Smokin’ Tomatoes is a versatile growing medium. Our soils contain no artificial nutrients, chemicals or salts. Our natural soil produces superior flavor, aroma, and yield with no chemical harshness. Chemicals and Fertilizers leave behind latent chemicals that require a flush of water. There is no need to flush when growing with Our Living Soil.

  • Trees

    We have White Spruce cultivated and provided by a local Arborist.

  • Glow Stones

    Premium Glow Stones are 40%-60% brighter and offer longer glow performance than other glow-in-the-dark stones commonly found on the internet.  The applications are endless for the Glow Stones, and unlike others, they are not a resin but a photoluminescent aggregate that absorbs UV light to glow in the dark for 6-8 hours. This makes them more durable and they are also non-toxic and swimming pool chemical friendly.  Made in Michigan

  • Glow Path Pavers


  • Bulk Specialty Stone

    High Quality specialty stone used mainly as a decorative stone used to accent Plant beds, define walks and driveways and much more.

  • Outcropping, Boulders...

    Outcropping happens when rocks or stones are placed in a way that juts out of their base. You see this a lot on natural structures, such as mountainsides.

    You’ve probably also seen outcropping in your own neighborhood and not even realized it. This is because outcropping can blend in well with the environment. It has a very appealing natural look.

    Natural rock outcroppings can be the perfect finishing touches or show stopping centerpieces for almost any type of landscape. These large rocks are typically layered among gardens and other displays, arranged along ponds or pools, or used as stand-alone displays to keep the simple beauty of nature in your modern landscape.

  • Flagstone & Wallstone

    Flagstone is a generic description of flat stone that is most often used in building and landscaping. It is a sedimentary stone that is split into thin layers, allowing it to be used in many applications.

  • Concrete Pavers &...

    We can put in a special order with any of the manufacturers we carry.

  • Decorative Steppers

    Hand crafted by local Dansville, Michigan artisan.

  • Weed Barrier / Fabrics

    By acting as a physical barrier between the soil and the sun, landscape fabric prevents seeds from seeing the light of day, while still allowing air and water to penetrate to the roots of the plants. We carry a variety of size and thickness to meet your needs.

  • Edging

    Landscape edging helps increase the curb appeal of businesses and homes by creating aesthetically pleasing lines in commercial and residential landscape designs. It divides outdoor living spaces into separate areas while also linking hardscapes and softscapes together. It can serve as a decorative element, pulling in different materials that add depth and texture as well as accentuating plants and outdoor features.

  • Drain Tile & Culvert Pipe

    We have 4" and 6" perforated and non-perforated drain tile without sock for most drainage needs. They are sold by the 100' roll.  And we have double wall culvert pipe ranging from 6" to 18" in 20' lengths. Accessories to the pipe are also onsite.

  • Grass Seed

    We exclusively sell top choice grass seed. Between it's easy to follow instructions, 99.9% weed free and satisfaction guarantee, a beautiful lawn can be in your near future.

  • Straw

    One of the goals when planting a new lawn is keeping the grass seed in place until it germinates and establishes a root system to anchor it to the soil. Another is to keep the newly planted seed sufficiently moist and warm to encourage germination. Both goals can be achieved by placing a thin layer of straw over the grass and leaving it in place until grass seedlings appear.

  • Timbers / Firewood

    Quality firewood to keep your house warm or get that bonfire going. All firewood is hardwood and seasoned.

  • Apparel

    Custom Sunshine Products apparel printed by a local business.

  • Gift Certificates
  • Special Finds

    Occasionally, our suppliers get great deals that they pass on to us.  These are limited time and quantity items that are available at the store until sold out.

  • Sunshine Creations

    Custom work created here at the store by the staff.

  • Clearance

    We're making room for next seasons new arrivals! Come down and take advantage of these steals while quantities last.

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