Delivery is available by calling or stopping in. However, please feel free to view our delivery schedule calendar for availability. Deliveries generally start at 8:00AM, weather dependent. Please note, our delivery calendar is an estimation of time per delivery and is not a schedule. Thank you.

Delivery Calendar

Disclaimer: It is to the driver’s discretion as to whether he/she can drive on a customer’s yard safely without incident, to include damage to our vehicle or getting stuck. If the customer insists on the driver traversing across a yard in our delivery truck(s), off the edge of newer asphalt/concrete, or other unforeseen obstacles against the driver’s judgment; the customer will be wholly responsible for any damages and/or tow charges incurred. Sunshine Products will not be held liable for damages to the premises if the customer insists that the truck and driver be put into precarious areas after the driver has stated his/her objection. Driver will call in to the office to inform the staff of the situation prior to proceeding with the customers request.